Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sometimes plans change and Jonathan's Birthday Wish!!!

Hi all! This is Jonathan's mom, Audrea.  If you are friends w/us on FB you know that Jonathan had 3 seizures in a 36hour period.  He had never had seizures before.  It was VERY SCARY!!  They found out that he has Benign Focal Epilepsy.  This is a lower form.  He hasn't had anymore since then, thank God!!  He may never have another one, but if he does he should grow out of it by age 14-16.  We decided that it would be wise for us to "wait and see" how this goes and Jonathan go to Bugabo Village with me next year.  Then, God laid a bigger plan on my heart!!  I will not go this year.  This still saddens me at times because it's hard to imagine a whole 2 years between trips to see the amazing people of Bugabo Village.  God has given us a plan that involves getting our personal finances in order, getting healthier (i'm having some health problems as well), and get better funding in place for our non-profit. (More info about Love Feeds check us out on FB or click here ).  Then in Summer 2013, we (all 3 of us) will go serve the village for 3-4 weeks.  God has given us peace about this plan and we are exciting to see what He is going to do through each of us!!  We want to be His hands and feet to a broken world!

Also, Sunday, March 11 is Jonathan's 11th birthday!!!  What does he want for his birthday??  He wants everyone to donate any amount towards building the playground for the children of Bugabo Village.    Please give and spread the word for him!!  Right now we have $135 towards the playground that will cost at least $800.  We are working with Christie and George Magera ,of Ekubo Ministries , who live there in the village and serve them on a daily basis.  Anything we raise over the cost of the playground will go toward the vital clinic they are building in their village! If you would like to donate online, use the donate tab on this page.  Make note that it is for the playground.  You may also send a check/money order to Love Feeds, Inc. P.O. Box 110651 Nashville,TN 37222.  Any questions, you can email us at .  Also, our 501c3 status is pending, so your donations will be tax detuctible upon our approval.  Thank you! :)

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