Saturday, June 22, 2013

Finally, a playground update!

Audrea (Jonathan's Mom): Yes, it's been a long time since we updated!  Our personal lives have been extremely busy and overwhelming for a while.  We weren't able to go to Uganda this summer for multiple reasons, but that is okay!  Christie and George welcomed a new baby into the family on March 11, 2013!! That is actually Jonathan's birthday and he was so excited to share it with baby Frank!  While they were in the States they stopped by for a little visit with us.  While they were here we discussed the playground.  We all want the playground to be one that will last practically forever and will require minimum upkeep.  There will be many children playing on the playground; there are at least 300 just in the school, plus ones that aren't in school.  It must be sturdy.  We also don't want one that will rust, so wood is the best option.  The materials for a wooden playground are expensive.  There are many needs in the village that outweigh a playground.  However, there are plans for a great playground for the children.  Christie and George realize that's a lot of money to raise and they have a section of the playground for Jonathan to raise money for.  Jonathan has raised $920 so far.  The cost of the section they have assigned for Jonathan will cost $1,500 as long as the cost of materials don't fluctuate too much.  So, that leaves us with $580 to go.  The section for Jonathan is the swings.  There will be three rows of 10 swings.  The rows will be kind of S shaped.  It will be great!  Then as time goes by, they can add other sections.

Like I said, there are so many needs in Bugabo village that outweigh a playground.  For example, they have a children's home that needs funds for the children's basic needs.  That's just one of the many needs.  If you'd like to help with those needs, go to and donate to Ekubo Ministries.  There's great need and God uses His people to fulfill the needs of "the least of these." 

If you live in Alexander City (mine and Christie's hometown) think Imagination Station. (click to see pics; the top slide) When we lived in Alex City I took Jonathan there a lot and he really enjoyed it.  It is a very sturdy playground.

As far as us going to Uganda, I long to go back and Jonathan and Michael want to go with me.  Several things have gotten in the way of that.  However, God's timing is perfect and it will happen at the right time. 

Love Feeds is STILL waiting on our 501c3 approval.  It has been over a year since we turned it in.  It has been over 2 months since they started working on it and I sent them the requested information.  Please pray that it is approved soon.  It will allow for more donations and help us to help those in need!

With love,
Audrea :)

An updated family pic of us on Father's Day 2013
(this was also our last day at the TN Hemophilia Chapter's Annual Meeting!)